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WEBINAR: Making Sense of the AI Chip Market: The Data Center/ HPC Perspective

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REPORT: KLC Hardware Accelerators 2020-21 (Part 1): Technology and Market Landscapes, July 2020

FEATURED REPORT: Kisaco Leadership Chart on Intelligent Virtual Assistants 2021

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The Kisaco Leadership Charts are created from data supplied by the vendors, and give, for the first time, a clear and objective view of how vendors rank against one another in terms of both the strength of their products and their capacity to execute on customer requirements. These charts are accompanied by in-depth market analysis, vendor strengths and weaknesses and predictions for future trends.


Meet the Analyst

Michael Azoff is Chief Analyst at Kisaco Research, the company behind the AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit series. His responsibilities include the production of Kisaco Research’s first industry vendor comparison report comprising of nearly 20 AI chip vendors across the global ecosystem.

In his career Michael worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory building simulators for electron and hole transport in semiconductors for UK national and European community research projects and published papers in learned journals. He then turned to building neural networks when backpropagation was invented and created a startup selling his Prognostica Microsoft Excel add-in for time series forecasting and wrote a book on the topic for publisher John Wiley & Sons in 1994. Since 2003 he has worked as an IT industry analyst covering software engineering topics, from agile and DevOps, to application lifecycle management and cloud native computing. He started covering machine learning when deep learning emerged as the most recent wave of interest in AI and left his position as Distinguished Analyst at Ovum/Informa to join Kisaco Research and help build an analyst capability.

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    With the Kisaco Leadership Chart (KLC) we created a new 3D analyst chart comparing vendor products side by side, examining technical features on the x-axis, vendor execution in the market on the y-axis and market impact in plotted circle size

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    MLPerf, the independent ML benchmarking body is evolving and its Executive Director, David Kanter, was good enough to brief us on his role and MLCommons.

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    The field of semiconductor chips is not only a mature one but it is an amazing success story. “So, how do you compare AI chips?” and the answer is: with great difficulty.

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